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Previous releases on Introp Music Label

Second Chance| November 2019

Like a dive into a wormhole, Intro_p's sixth EP gives a sense of vertigo, given by the development of human technology in the last century. As humans spend their energy competing with each other, guided by people ignoring the consequences of their behavior.

DIVE | May 2019

‘Dive begins proceedings with fluttering melodies, resonating modulations and a euphonious vocal line before poignant synth waves balanced with weaving sound design and tense oscillations take the focus in ‘1000 Words’.

Bodhi Tree | July 2019

Bodhi Tree | July 2019

Transitions | October 2019

"Intro_p maintains his deep, emotive style in ‘Transitions EP’ that reflects his intention to maintain the balance between club and listening music."

Bodhi Tree | July 2019

TRIEB | March 2019

"Trieb launches a series of sequences with a riveting selection of notes from space-aged synthesisers to pounding combinations of progressive and minimalist motifs"

Magazine Sixty

EXPOSURE | January 2019

"The whole EP is very coherent music wise. Deep moody trippy musical tracks... Loooovely stuff"

Laurent Garnier

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